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GIS Solution

We provide value added services and solutions to various industries government, defense, utilities, telecommunications, transport and mapping. We don’t just make maps, we work as a team with your organization to understand how you do business and what your needs may be. With years of experience in GIS mapping for utilities and local governments, the SumatoGIS team is committed to providing EACH client with a solution that won’t disrupt daily operations and management, but rather compliment and increase efficiency to support decision-making.

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Weather Service

Weather can affect your travel, activity, and business decisions. Weather can be a key factor for you business growth, weather it's a transportation, agriculture or in the filed of renewable energy. We provide you customized solution to serve your need. Our industry leading technology will help you to sail along with mother nature.



Accurate weather information is of fundamental importance to the agricultural industry, with businesses relying directly on the elements for production. Integrating Sumato's quality weather intelligence into daily operations ensures agricultural production is optimized thus minimizing expenditure.


The quality and reliability of weather forecasting determines the safety, efficiency and profitability of any construction project. Sumato provides accurate, tailored weather information, ensuring optimized operational efficiency.

solar energy

Naturally, you want to avoid penalties imposed by grid operators and optimize your power-marketing strategies. Sumato provides you with accurate and reliable wind and solar power forecasts at both park and portfolio level, including dedicated weather forecasts, to help you do just that.


Reliable historical weather data is essential for insurance companies when handling weather-related claims. Sumato maintains an extensive meteorological archive and provides a range of bespoke forecasting and consultancy services including severe weather warnings and expertise to help structure weather risk contracts.


Worldwide trade is heavily reliant on the international shipping industry and it is in the interest of all parties to find the safest and most efficient way to transport goods from port to port. Sumato supplies the most accurate and reliable maritime weather forecasts on the market, enabling our customers to optimise their ship routing around the globe.


Accurate and detailed weather forecasts are essential for mitigating the impact of potentially hazardous conditions to ensure public safety and for optimising maintenance activity. Sumato offers the most comprehensive range of dedicated forecast solutions for highway maintenance, track and train operators as well as the aviation industry.